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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clock Tower

High overhead,
golden numerals shine down on me.
I look in awe as the hands melt
away time.
Never wanting a moment to slip by.
I wait for the bell I know will soon chime,
with another passing hour.
When it does, the sound
means movement and change.
Smiling toward it, I witness another
fleeting moment of time gone by.


  1. cool something so central that so many people rely on yet deem to notice it's beauty ...love the line melt away time. thank you so much x

  2. Time flies, and not just when you're having fun, but seems like you don't mind here.

  3. nice capture...to measure the distance of a single moment...surely a reason to smile...

  4. Wonderful image and wonderful words. Great we can actually stop to notice it melt away!

  5. Thanks everyone! I have always been fascinated by clocks and the significance they have in our lives. I took notice of the clock's beauty and the meaning of "time gone by."

  6. I just had this amazing image of a beautiful young woman standing, smiling up at that terrific clock tower.... I love the hands melting away time bit.... near me is a small burg, just south of Cincinnati, that the locals refer to as German-town, because it was settled by German craftsmen who created the most beautiful buildings, one of which is a clock tower very similar to the one in your image.... I just had the oddest thought, I don't know why, that it would be nice to watch you watching it, waiting for that bell...... Quite a serene feeling this very tiny, very beautiful poem evokes......