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Monday, September 20, 2010

Mountain Top Thoughts

The cool air whispered in my ear.
A place I go to have no cares.
Beautiful hues starting to show,
another season has to go.
Rich textures entangle my thoughts.
I step off a plain, where hectic life never stops.
Looking around, I inhale nature's beauty.
Nowhere else do I feel content just standing.
I head back down the mountain,
in awe of it's splendor.
Knowing when I return,
it will show me more reasons to be tender.


  1. Lovely capture of that feeling only nature can give us, especially the mountains. I just wish there was even the slightest hint of Fall here, but we're still locked in summer. Thanks for the breath of cooler air.

  2. Very nicely captured moment, nature can give us such peaceful moments, as fall comes it does so more reasons to be tender, very nice.

  3. nice...the mountains are where i retreat to as well when the world becomes too much for me and to catch my breathe so i resonate...nice write...

  4. This poem is a blessing to me today.

    Yes, it's been over 105 here every day since God knows when, but your words cool me and remind me to have faith that Mother Earth will spin us back around to cooler temps. Eventually!

    Thanks for your mountaintop of peace today.

  5. Nature has a way of giving us peace..lovely!

  6. I love nature and the outdoor. The ocean and the mountain is where everyone should be. Thank you for sharing

  7. You've captured that feeling of the cool air frosting our lungs and waking senses lulled to languish by summer's heat, Gwen. That feeling, that sense of wakefulness that autumn brings is something I love to feel, even in words on the page. Like these. Nice piece.