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Friday, October 1, 2010

Home of the Spider

Delicate strands of woven web
glisten with morning dew.
Fiber strong like steel,
withstands the winds,
a place to rest and search for food.
He waits by day and hopes by
night to see another come and go.
For when your home is suspended,
survival becomes deeper to you.
As a new dawn arrives, he spins
anew, correcting for any loss that
night winds might do.
Now the spider is ready
for yet another noon.
His wish whispers in the wind,
"My pretty fly come by so I can eat you."


  1. ha. yikes for the fly...they create such beautioful webs though...nice reflection on teh spider and its web...

  2. Noting as lovely as a spider web, still such a mysterious miracle as old as the first lovely poem.

  3. EEEEK! Oh, I dread spiders something fierce...furry little beasties they are...which you so smartly point a poetic finger at in your finish. Do love the image though...and the write, despite the subject ;)

  4. I enjoyed this piece and even related to it, especially: 'for when your home is suspended
    survival becomes deeper to you.' There's a lot in this piece, thanks for sharing along with the lovely picture!

  5. aaargh! spiders lol ..loved the write though...very cool!

  6. Just fun and lovely. Like the line starting with the New day dawns. If you care to see a poem I wrote awhile back about a spider...here is the link.
    We share some common thoughts. Loved your poem!

    California Ink in Motion

  7. My grandson loves bugs and spiders and he wrote a poem on this. He is only 8 and love to write what he sees.

  8. A piece well written, engaging – good work… mine is here: http://www.image-verse.com/clown

  9. A number of fascinating ideas in this poem and an enchanting photo. would love to see what you could do in spinning off, so to speak, from this line: For when your home is suspended,
    survival becomes deeper to you.xxj

  10. this read so beautiful... your blog my find of the week... thanks.