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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Moon Light

Winter winds whisper in my ear.
Trees have shed their leaves,
now are bare.
Early night moon winks down on me.
Birds still fluttering by happily.
I stand a moment to take it all in,
the peace, the quiet, the refreshing air.
I know very soon it will be covered in snow.
Giving the scene a shiny new glow.
The seasons amaze me with all their beauty.
I stand back, touched by it and let it hold me.


  1. Always such a wonderful feeling to stand back and take in the elements, especially picturesque snowfalls all aglow. Nice poem! Cheers

  2. Wonderful essence of taking in the elements of nature, basking in their glory.

  3. Thank you all for your thoughts and compliments! Your opinions are great learning tools and I appreciate them.

    Nature has always been inspiring and influential to me. Enjoying stolen moments, stepping back, allowing time to relate and reflect.
    This is one of those moments.

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    Happy Friday!
    Stay Blessed!

  5. stunning ... simply stunning x Inkyhands (elizabeth)