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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Melting snow trickles off my roof
and onto a bush below.
The temperature drops, as the sun slowly sets
along the horizon of yellow and gold.
Quietiness cloaks the evening like a warm
blanket on this chilly winter night.
Everything that was once green and growing,
is now under a sheet of white.
A cool breeze whirls, as the next storm rolls in,
another frigid night for you to behold.
Along comes more powdery snow,
soft, light and crisp, as cotton with a glow.
Delicate flakes shimmer, reflecting their light,
I can't stop looking at you on this night.
For tomorrow, you may be buried
or even broken by the weight you hold.
I greet you with a smile, taking one last look
and capture the beauty I've seen unfold.  


  1. That's a beautiful image you've created there. Let's hope the bush doesn't break!
    here from Poetry Potluck.


  2. very stunning imagery,
    let it unfold
    let it grace your place...

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. How appropriate, as snow is about to trickle down in heaps upon heaps, and I fear my shoulders and back weep at this thought. I loved your poem; well constructed and flowed beautifully. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, David

  4. i capture you know because tomorrow you may be broken...and i wonder are you talking about what you see out the window...or someone...nice one shot.

  5. Serene tone to the lines; really like the photo too. Cheers

  6. Thank you all for the great comments!
    I really appreciate the different points of view here.

    Thoughts on Ice ~

    A few years back, there was an ice storm.
    It left the whole neighborhood without power for seven days.
    Having a woodstove in the house, we were able to stay warm, cook food and boil water.
    Other challenges appeared over time, the inevitable darkness that came by 5:00PM when the sun set for the day.
    Candles became very helpful and necessary, I was glad I had some on hand.

    Most people left their homes, it became a real ghost town. Armed guards walked the streets for safety, amazing and frustrating days past.

    It was a long week, and it was like I imagined living before having electricity would be.
    It was a big adjustment, realizing how dependant we are as a society on electricity, a true awakening.

    Ice brings fear as well a bliss to me now, this poem reflects some of the emotions from that time.

    Best wishes to everyone! :)

  7. Wonderful, flash-backs to my childhood from the land of snow and cold.

  8. very well written poetry....great one shot..pete

  9. Nice nature poem. Captured images well, made me smile.