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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ring Around You

Casting silent shadows.
Whispering tender thoughts.
Wondering how I missed
your sudden beauty.
Standing in the darkness,
you shroud my mind with amazement.
I run for my camera in awe of your
Lights out, flash off and you are
mine, sweet beauty.


  1. You've completely captured that "I have to get this moment" all of have experienced. Sadly, by the time we get it, the subject has changed & the perfection has fled. But sometimes sweet beauty is mine. Well said. Thank you, Gay

  2. Stunning images captured by words, those so often misted into the fog by the time we arrive with the camera.

  3. Thank you both for you thoughts.
    If I have learned anything in life, it is not to let opportunities sneak past me. Taking nothing for granted and capturing the moment even when you have to freeze time to do it!

  4. ah i hope you captured it before it disappeared...ben in that moment before..

  5. the words were carefully chosen and well worked...this was good...cheers pete

  6. Its goes so well with your image capture.. and your thoughts about the shadows is so perfect... Thanks for sharing Gwen.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  7. Please feel free to share 1 to 3 poems with our potluck poetry today, first time participants could use old poems or poems unrelated to our theme, Thanks..
    Happy Monday!

    love the imagery.

  8. Pleasant, pretty-toned, smile-causing.