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Monday, June 6, 2011

Photographer in Action

My flash goes off,
revealing a story within.
Reaching deep into my soul,
splashing down on film,
a beautiful whim.
Whether a diamond or a fail,
sharpened skills with wicked eyes, 
keen ears  and good timing, 
perfect the view that lies before me.
I never look back or second guess,
just snap and go, doing my best.
A life changing journey it can be,
truth be told, as I do see.
Opening my heart,
to feel, to breath,
to let the world
take a piece of me.
Like twin machines,
man and camera work as one,
bringing wonder and beauty
to the eyes of everyone.
I'm armed, I take chances,
and mostly I have fun,
until the camera and I are done.  


  1. ha. nice capture...and the fluid motion of always having you tool at hand to grasp those moments of life...well spun

  2. take those chances! Best to shoot and ask questions later. lol Like this one a lot—reminds me of a photojournalist, or one who truly loves the process of photography :)

  3. i truly enjoyed your poem about your relationship with your camera becoming 'one'..."man and camera work as one, bringing wonder and beauty to the eyes of everyone." this is lovely and the magic of freezing a moment in time, a split second...as you "let the world take a piece of you"...you have chosen a meaningful and amazing subject to write about and celebrate...

    beautifully done and your rhyming is perfect...


  4. nicely done light and airy but serious all at the same time....

  5. Love it...
    That has always been the way I shoot - I used to ruin alot of good film but those choice shots were worth it

    Glad to have you back sharing today at One Shot

  6. Yes no need to second guess
    If some turn out a mess
    At least one or two will outdo the rest
    Only way you will ever find the best

  7. Thank you very much everybody! I really missed doing these blog posts and seeing all the wonderful feedback.

    I have learned many things in life, the most important to take chances, as they may never be there a second time!

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