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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Red Whisper

Standing cold, on a winter day,
I hear a whisper in the wind say,
gentle tap upon my shoulder, no one's there.
Gazing around, I see nothing but trees,
water and sunlight rays.
Searching my senses, I feel a presence,
one I can not put my finger upon.
Looking beyond the the trees high overhead,
to the ground by my feet instead.
There I see you, peeking up at me,
a red shimmer in a sea of dead.
Two tiny tears of fantastic color,
lapped up in sea of brown, surrounding eachother.
I know I am lucky on this very day,
to have my eyes washed of mute dismay.


  1. nice...that little spot of color can change the entire day...very cool capture...been there before...smiles.

  2. Wonderful! The words and image combine to make for a fantastic share. Isn't it so awesome when you're tuned in in such a way!

  3. wow beautiful pic and your words carry the message elegantly...so much comfort in a little bit of color, a smile, a nice word can bring... can change everything..

  4. I particularly like the lines:

    a red shimmer in a sea of dead.
    Two tiny tears of fantastic color

  5. I felt as though a fond ghost had touched you and guided your eyes.

  6. the last couplet is really excellent. :) great poetry, great photos!

  7. what a beautiful poem dear, loved the imagery, bravo, merry christmas..

  8. love the wind's whisper and the photo...