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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter Path

Walking along a path,
someone here before me.
Passing the same sights,
breathing the same air,
never seeing the same things,
never feeling the same cares.
Stepping onto the tracks,
left here by another,
absorbing their thoughts,
facing their fears.
So close to nature,
I am to this place.
I welcome it in without a chase.
Longing to learn the meanings kept,
wanting to see the secrets swept.
Open your heart, 
face what is there,
learn to love,
learn to care.


  1. there are so many secrets in nature...the most obvious its rhythm...that is what i go there to find...

  2. The wonderful thing is that when we are actively looking, we find, nature has so very much to reveal to us. Lovely.

  3. Walking the same path but never seeing the same things...that's brilliant.

  4. Gwen, We share the same outlook for sure!!! I love it! Nice and so true! www.paintingyouwithwords.com