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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Goodbye Old Friend ~ Budge 2012

A wrinkle in time,
moments pass by.
Wings of feather,
you and I..
Years together,
new places, new faces,
now memories of past time.
Colors so bright,
a rainbow with wings,
flutter into the light.
In body you are gone,
nestled deep in my heart.
Reminding me of where I was,
and where I have been..
My dear pet bird,
we will miss you
and thank you for the
years you have been
our feathered friend.


  1. oh..so sorry..but what beautiful words you found..i had one when i was a kid and he used to walk up my arms and sat on my neck under my hair...fluttering with the wings...ha...we both loved it...cried a lot when he died...

  2. awww...i am sorry...pets are family for sure and when they leave there is a hole just as big...smiles...

    its the word ver that kept me from commenting before...

  3. A beautiful little tribute. I've got two parakeets/budgies.

  4. I am so sorry! But a beautiful tribute--I have an older dog and wonder how much time we have left together--

  5. Love is love, no matter what feathers it flies with.

  6. Grief when we lose a pet is so rarely acknowledged

  7. A heartfelt tribute to a lost friend.
    Beautifully written.

  8. awww beautiful tribute to a much loved friend ...sorry for your loss but thank you for sharing it's beautiful x x