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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flight of Friendship

Busy day encircle our lives,
we ebb, we flow, sometimes deep into the night.

Feelings linger deep within,
people come and go,
each a lesson, letting us in. 

Some make us whole, 
others make us burn. 

Strong they are, 
from them we learn.

I choose to stay, 
smiling and happy,
long past the moment you walked away.

A friendship happens like a bright new dawn.
Paying respect to this flowering fawn. 

We trip, we fall, we laugh, we love.

Pain and fear only, keep us from accepting loss.

What we need in the end, 
from friendship good or bad,
is growth from within..it's alright to be wrong. 


  1. We trip, we fall, we laugh, we love.

    sounds like a good friendship to me...through the good and bad...its the ones that make us feel worthy, loved and accepted that matter....

  2. I love this description of friendship it's about growing together... exactly like you write, and all have to agree on that... Great write.

  3. What a great description of friendship. True friends stay close through mistakes, pain, and joy. Lovely write!

  4. So many people come and go in life........ the best of them stay with us forever, even if only in memory.......

  5. Relationships are so powerful...people live on in our hearts, for better or worse, long after they leave our lives. And those who stay are touched by them still.

  6. ...beautiful... & true to many accounts in life... loved it... smiles...

  7. Beautiful Gwen. I was lulled like like the power of a lullaby.

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