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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Low Water Dam


Autumn winds rustle at loose and falling leaves.
The absence of rushing water is peaceful
but unnatural, a dry season indeed.
None of that matters as I stop,
taking in all that shimmers of fall around me.
I pause, to enjoy what I otherwise would miss.


  1. "I pause, to enjoy what I otherwise would miss."

    -That, to me, is in a nutshell what poetry is for.

  2. Stop and pause for a second and never know what one might see, nice write!

  3. i am glad you made that pause...i would much rather hear the ripple of water...i find it soothing...but a pause will certainly work...smiles.

  4. oh man, I wish it was fall here! pausing, stopping, is where all the good stuff is revealed in my experience.

  5. Beautiful images. I live near a river but this year has been a wet one with 60 feet of snow in the Sierra. But we do need those pauses to reflect. Thanks you for sharing it at dVerse. Victoria

  6. An excellent capture of a moment and a feeling, as well as a word-painting of nature, peaceful but unnatural--a more sombre undertone.

  7. Thank you, I really appreciate the thoughts!