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Monday, September 27, 2010

Creeping Ivy

Twisted and turning, around finely aged wood.
Crawling and searching for someone to love.
A plant so delicate with fall beauty and splendor,
reaching for late season sun, warm and tender.
Who could resist such a plant adorn with vibrant rouge color.
Even things of small nature can create great wonder.


  1. yes they can...beauty often comes in small packages...and big ones too...nice capture...

  2. is this clematis
    ? wonderful- i want one

  3. Love the slant of the sun through the slats...such a feel of autumn in the pic, and the words inspired by it...I needed this moment! Thank you!

  4. "Even things of small nature can create great wonder."

    A concrete ending note, and so true - the smallest beauty can stir the greatest thoughts. A flower, a vine, a shaft of light...the world is filled with such simple, wondrous beauties.

  5. Hi Gwen

    i love this aspect of poetry - the humanisation of an object - the life we can award a thing by our musings and wonder


    Arron Shilling

  6. Small things full of wonder, lovely.