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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flame Curl

Sitting before you on a cold winter night,
I watch your flame grow and burn brightly.
You twist and you turn, as your heat sinks
deeper into the log you devourer,
sending heat forth upon me.
Watching and listening, I hear the snap
and pop of the burning wood.
A wafting smell of smoke tickles my nose,
a familiar and welcomed scent.
Your flame dances in a show that only
my eyes take in and hold. 
You arch and you curve into the 
shape of a curl and in that quick moment, 
I capture your raw beauty.
Just a flame you say, see for yourself,
can you look away from such a spectacle.
You made me smile and kept me warm,
for that I am forever grateful.


  1. ah - you kept the magic of a fire so well with your words..never just a flame..

  2. Passionate lines with excellent rhymes. Well written, Gwen.

  3. nice...i lived outdoors for a year...the flame became my close friend at nights...nice one shot

  4. There's something magical about watching the shape of flames flickering, something that tickles a primeval part of us. Nice One Shot, Gwen!

  5. Beautifully captured photo and words. Warms me. Fate created my One Shot.

  6. Thank you for your thoughts everyone! I appreciate it very much. :)

  7. Romantic, solid piece. Good, tight use of fire imagery/associated stuff.

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