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Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Cheer

Looking back at the few short months,
when thoughts of snow were not a care.
From falling leaves to bare trees,
whistling in the wind,
to snow blowing down the stairs.
The time is near to think of those you
hold dear, showing them you care.
Spreading joy with a gift or a simple
wish for a good and happy new year.
Rushing cars and busy people gather in the
streets, stopping a moment to do their shopping.
After, a day to start fresh, recycle yesterday,
and look beyond tomorrow.
Bring cheer with a smile, a hello or a loving kiss.
A wish to you all, for a happy holiday season!
Be well, be blessed and at rest the whole year.


  1. sweet all the way through
    best to you and yours

    thanks for spreading the cheer on One Shot

    Moon Smiles

  2. This is so kind - thank you for sharing

  3. thanks for this holiday cheerful poem Gwen!!

  4. A happy holiday season to you too, Gwen! Lines to inspire care and a wonderful new year. Nice!

  5. a warm write from start to finish even though its full of snow and winter..thanks for sharin and have a great christmas...all the best pete

  6. Wishing you a happy Christmas.

  7. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your thoughts.
    Have a wonderful holiday season!