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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spread My Wings

Catching a flicker of green,
a flash of color leads me,
 to discover a quiet space.
In a peaceful place, I watch,
I look, I learn more about you.
Keeping calm, to pose no threat,
I focus the camera on you.
No time to think, wonder,
or worry if all is correct.
Shutter snaps continually, 
taking in this feathery dance.
You swim, you splash,
you open your wings for me. 
Excited, amazed, my mind races,
heart squeezes, camera never hesitates.
Drinking in your colors, your size,
your beauty with splendid grace.
Like your wide wings, my fascination
for nature has spread today.


  1. From a photographers heart. I'm there with you. Great job...

  2. nice...i am a huge nature lover...not that great with a camera though...i just use my words...nice capture...

  3. Thanks!

    Someone once told me, what I am, what I will become as a photographer will come to me. Feeling one with nature, does that, makes me, is me!
    I adore working with wildlife, outside in nature. Bliss!