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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reflected Trees

A glance, a chance to reflect,
staring deeply within myself.
Getting lost in nature, a joy,
a peace, allowing much rest.
A moment to take a breath, 
a moment to seek the best.
No cares to flood my mind,
no worries to fill my head.
Just me, here with these visions, 
bringing much happiness.
Grateful for everyday I am given, 
to stand and take it all in.


  1. Excellent tone of appreciation for life and nature...Guess you're having some fun with that camera, eh? Nice shot to accompany your poem.

  2. Great way to spend time...

  3. Love the words and find the photos wonderful thank you !

  4. being grateful inthe moment is a great discipline, living in it all the more...

  5. Reflections in front of us, and reflections in life. Both are beautiful.

  6. A great way to live.

  7. Reflected Trees...the title and photo, focusing on the reflection of trees on the glass pond...so beautiful...with so much stress among us, reading your poem was absolutely wonderful...taking one out of the chaos and focusing on the aspects of our lives we so often overlook..."no cares to flood my mind"...thank you...i needed to read this poem...at last a moment of peace...thank you...

  8. Thank you all very much!
    I feel that with everyday life, we often forget to stop and enjoy and embrace what is around us.
    On this day I did just that..wonderful indeed!

  9. Gratitude is a wonderful thing to have.

    Nice piece, Gwen. :)

  10. Wonderful attitude of gratitude indeed.

    I want to fling myself into nature now, but feel as rejuvenated by your words here, as if I had just rolled in moss beneath a tall sweet tree.


  11. there is actually a great beat to this peice that i can see being read on open mike...nice word choice cheers pete

  12. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed it.

    East for Green Eyes

  13. Above the clamoring of men
    Beyond the desire for riches
    And the power of fools
    And the revenge of the righteous
    And the recriminations of the abandoned
    Just give me my portion in Beauty
    Here, my humble bowl
    Fill it with the snow
    Of cherry blossoms
    And the fragrances
    Of timid goddesses
    This is my nurturance
    And heart's desire.

    OneLove--Tiger Windwalker