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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bee on Pussywillow

Nature is magic that whispers in my ear.
I lend a shoulder with no fear.
Here today, maybe not the next,
majesty and beauty surpass the rest.
Longing to be surrounded by delicate
grace, beauty recoils and retracts again.
Many warm feelings touch gently on my heart.
What we do comes back to haunt us,
never far apart.
Through a lens, a care and tender thoughts,
unfolding, showing promise, a new
beginning and a fresh start.


  1. smiles. that goodness for fresh starts and seasons changing...i love nature too...

  2. that was an elegant poem, felt like I was in the middle of the country soaking in the delights of your poem xx

  3. Beautiful, Gwen. Both the image and the words.

  4. how refreshing this makes me feel ..thank you

  5. Thanks for the comments and kind thoughts!

  6. Adds balance to one's life...

  7. Just standing there with shovel in hand
    Working on planting my sixteenth fruit tree
    Suddenly it starts to rain and then hail
    Here it comes, poring down like rock salt
    I retreat to the cab of my truck, to wait it out
    What intensity and clatter, hail is always noisy
    Soon it's over and I'm back out there again
    All my methodologies and tools at work
    "Ten Easy Steps to Planting Fruit Trees"
    And I am tired after days of this
    Then I notice it, the rainbow
    So intensely bright and beautiful
    I run to my truck, this time for the camera
    Catching the miracle from many views
    It's a double rainbow, so intensely colored
    Did I do something to deserve this?
    So many I've seen in my life
    And they all have stories
    This one will, too, but I don't know yet