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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In the Big Apple

Buildings tower high overhead.
People rushing the streets,
like tides that ebb.
Many faces do pass,
some happy,  some sad.
Every moment ticking away
inside my head, I am glad.
Part of  this group,
like bulls in a pen.
Wading bodies, a sea of flesh I am in.
Signs and lights adorn city streets,
music playing softly in my head.
Taking photographs of places,
remembering this night spent.
I adore the city, but go home to
my bed, a quiet town I love,
feeling at peace again.


  1. nice...having just come from NYC, yeah ...love the city but glad to be back home in a little slower pace...

  2. I am dreaming of a few days and nights in NYNY too, as Brian enjoyed, but am sure I'll be glad to be back here again.

    Bulls in a pen, I like that.

  3. Thank you both very much! I could have stayed a little longer.
    Always refreshing to get away, even if it's just for a little while.. :)

  4. Oh you described the city very nicely! :) Sea of flesh, I loved that imagery especially! I live in a city, but not as much pacy as this poem I guess. Thanks for sharing!

    My One Shot

  5. The excitement and flow of the city is so energizing. Then hearing the music in your head helping with the rhythm around you. Nice tight write.

  6. A lovely poem describing the contrast between the hustle of city life and the charm of serenity at home. My post is here. http://dailysketchings.blogspot.com

  7. There's no place like home ..but we have to go away to appreciate it sometimes think your poem shows this ..thank you kez

  8. everyone longs for that familiarity and peace away from it all.. my potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/02/13/a-chinese-love-story/

  9. your analogies are great bulls in a pen, sea of flesh

    good job
    Iris http://poetpost.wordpress.com

  10. Only been to NYC a couple times but I loved it for the days I was there. Such a variety of neighborhoods and vibes. The photo really captures that variety, I think. Very nice.

  11. I used to live on New York City,
    know what you mean..
    beautiful job.