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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


In front of you I do reflect,
on days gone by
and dreams needing to be met.
At your shore, I hold your peace,
your calm, your tender embrace.
Viewing your color, texture
and grace.
Negative thoughts melting away,
replaced by hope for a new day.
"Thank you," I whisper,
as I found you by chance,
coming to this place for a glance.
Moving on, I will be back,
to sit by you and relax.


  1. Sweet meditation: It does what it is. - Brendan

  2. very nice...and what a lovely, peaceful and beautiful place...i have a "poetic" bench as well...doesn't look half as nice as yours..but still a place to relax and write...i hardly write my poems in closed rooms...most of the time on some benches, on the cemetery, while walking and always typing them on my iphone...smiles

  3. Mellow, placid, and inspiring. The speaker reflects on the past and negative thoughts melt away. She seems to looking forward to another stroll down memory lane—a mark of strength and wisdom. Awesome.

  4. Thanks so much!
    These comments keep me going, even when I feel like taking a break. It brings great joy to know my thoughts and views are liked and enjoyed.
    This little gem of a place is located near my home and has become a great source of inspiration.