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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shine On

Through darkened limbs,
I do see, you wink at me.
Blur between clouds,
like a summer shroud,
I feel your heat.
Gentle beat of leaves,
in summer's breeze,
shine on me, the need to be.
Here in peace, I look to see,
what whispers around me.  


  1. smiles. subtle piece with a nice flow and beat...playful and fun

  2. Beautiful praise to a warm wink and return by the Sun. Thanks Gwen

  3. Nicely played, a fun read and well written!

  4. A warm breeze welcoming summer

    Thanks Gwen for your support of One Shot

  5. Thanks so much for the comments and kindness!
    Summer goes by much too quickly, I try to grasp and hold every moment that I can.