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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Wicked, wide wings flutter,
zoom past, with speed and precision.
Longing to see your colors up close,
waiting, wanting, patients prevails.
Bigger than most, your not fearful.
I wait and watch for you to settle in.
Flying from flower to flower,
wingspan as wide as my hand, you rest.
I move close, you wait.
I move closer still, you wait.

I see your wings sparkle in the sun.
I get closer and you look up at me,
with dark, curious, insect eyes.
Your head pivots toward me,
not afraid but interested.
Still, getting closer,
inching ever closer,
I focus, I aim and I shoot.
You pose, not scared by me
or by the camera.
I smile at you, for you appear
to understand my goal, my need.
You wait and watch, with amazing beauty,
as the shutter opens and snaps shut.
I have captured you, in all your beauty.
If I never see you again, I will never
forget the chance and moment with you.


  1. Lovely Gwen ~ I too had a chance meet with a dragonfly ~ some years ago now on a visit to the wildflower centre ~ it was huge ~ sat on a wooden fence and like you I expected it to fly off ~ but no ~ closer and closer I came ~ still it didn't move ~ I did get a shot ~ but not as good as yours ~ it's quite a magical moment ~ and yes it was almost as if 'it knew' ~ Lovely ~ thanks for reminding ~ hgs Lib

  2. Thank you Lib, I appreciate the share and I do love dragonflies. Something this large you can't help but relate to it's flight!

  3. ha. nice little hunt you had on there to take the shot...dragonflies are so cool...have had several of the black & white winged ones this year that looked beautiful...very nice gwen

  4. Great picture in two forms. Loved reading the moment of capture and seeing what you captured.

  5. Nice nature study and capture of a moment. Dragonflies are amazing works of engineering and always seem very serene to me, unlike a lot of insects.

  6. a blessed moment indeed, when time stands still so briefly to capture an instant of connection and beauty!

  7. I had a hummingbird light on the end of my recorder when I was playing 'Greensleeves' alone in a meadow off Hunter Trail in Aspen. It was magical. I didn't need a picture to remember it; but it would have been nice. Quite a capture, photographically & poetically.

  8. You are such a great writer! Even though I have an unnatural fear of dragonflies, I thought this poem was tremendously beautiful. I look forward to reading more of your work!

  9. how lovely what a great moment not just captured in words but by your beautiful picture too ...thank you !

  10. Thank you all very much!
    Compliments like these keep me motivated and going even when I need and want to stop.
    I appreciate the kindness, comments and interest that you all have. So grateful..

  11. ..like the elegant dragonfly your words soar in beauty.. i made a read more than once and found another colour half-intriguing and half-alluring that i skipped from the first attempt. Adorable.

    Good day.