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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mountain Top View

High above trees and terrian,
looking over this vast place.
Peace showers down,
nothing here, not a sound. 
Clouds above and dirt below,
hold fast my need to be,
above this sea of blue, red and green,
right here, standing with me.
Thoughts fade,  breathing your air,
feeling your grasp, tender on my skin.
Smelling leaves, fresh under foot,
I hold dear, that you're near,
right where I need you to be.


  1. This is nice, the way it balances the dizziness of heights with the solid presence of someone grounding.

  2. "Peace showers down" - how lovely, and apt. I think too often we're looking for peace to grow from the ground up. Your poem is delicious, restful - and the place you describe, just the sort of place I go to for peaceful moments.

  3. nice...love the spirituality behind this in the face of a magnificent creation...well blended words...smiles.

  4. This poem feel so intimate. I love the imagery, especially the sense of deep peace and stillness that you create in the opening lines.
    (suzy @ somewhereamelody)

  5. Such a view one wishes they could always have, wonderful write.

  6. Right where you need to be... its good to find some one around when you are actually .. and really living in the 'now'
    I liked your lines... so emotional.. and full of feeling and senses...

    'right here, standing with me.
    Thoughts fade, breathing your air,
    feeling your grasp, tender on my skin.'

    thanks for sharing..
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  7. What a sensuous treat- poem and picture!

  8. very impreesive imagery.

  9. a fantastic treatment indeed, impressed by the imagery your words evoke.