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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rotten Smile

On my doorstep you sit.
One wicked night that never came.
So long you wait, a once charming smile,
turns black and rotten before the date.
Night falls upon you, evil creeps past,
have not made it to this dark night.
Flesh rotting before my eyes, soon you pass by.
I smile at your blacken face,
catching wicked shimmer from your decaying eyes.
Away you go, to where spent pumpkins lie,
I wave and say goodbye.
Perhaps next year you'll sprout anew,
a fresh pumpkin for my doorstep.

Happy Halloween!


  1. oo your pumpkin got a little creepy early...smiles...perhaps out of it new life will burst forth...

  2. A once charming smile turns black and rotten before the day- love this line. Nice write, Gwen .

  3. Cool pumpkin men are creepy without going black ...lovely write thank you x