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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Calming babble, fills my ears,
washing away the days fears.
I stand here before you,
breathing in your beauty,
smelling all that life has layed before me.
I utter not a single sound,
as nature takes my breath abound.
Colors and sound hold my every sense,
I stare in awe with your beauty and innocence.
Wind howls, whispering for me to go,
washed over by calm and peace you know.
"Nature does something to me" I say,
I wrap myself around it in every way.
Moving on to the next amazing place,
letting passion flow and time ebb,
with even pace.


  1. i so feel the same in nature...to sit and listen to it returns my body to a certain sacred rhythm where everything just falls into place...

  2. washed over by calm and peace you know.
    "Nature does something to me" I say' ~
    certainly does it for me too ~ restorative everytime
    lovely Gwen love your images

  3. I love nature too....a beautiful poem.

  4. A Lullaby to the sounds of nature.
    This poem gave me a deep sense of peace.

  5. Lovely words and images. I feel your need.


  6. lovely highlight on nature, well done.

  7. this is very dreamy and excellent and the images you express are so vivid thanks you so much

  8. Nature is awesome in so many ways..... it has almost the most beautiful things in life, second only to the things that its remoteness allows you to do with that special someone.......

  9. Such a nice sounding rhythmic flow. You have a way with words Gwen. Keep spreading the good vibes! :)