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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Night Waves

Tired eyes look down on me,
to see oceans, instead of seas.
Water washed with wicked tides,
open eyes and tethered ties.
Long days, turn to night,
hopes and dreams, held tight.
One whisper and I am there,
by your side without a care.
You ask me about love,
I answer with words of  life.
You ask me about life,
I say love me tonight.
Together we shall be,
all through the night.


  1. You are always wonderful - stunning colour stunning words

  2. It's good to see a gentle, rhyming (almost) 'traditional' poem. I liked this.

  3. How romantic and beautiful Gwen....love this!

  4. Awe, so romantic! I love that lyrical tone, too~
    Well Done

  5. You ask me about love,
    I answer with words of life.
    You ask me about life,
    I say love me tonight.

    nice...those sound like they are out of a song...like this gwen....

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  7. Gwen's poem made what I whisper something to the Night Waves also.
    I imagine it.
    Your poem has a beautiful story!

  8. Lyrical and loving. As Brian suggested, the musical rhythms show themselves quite plainly. A lovely piece.

  9. Romantic and provocative. A pleasure, Gwen!