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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Face in the Fire

The smell of smoke filling the room,
it is quiet and dark,
it's only me and you.
You dance before me,
twisting and turning,
a face of flames appears before me. 
Heat, light and beauty aglow,
feeling your warmth, I am never alone.
I feel privileged to see such a show.
I look once more before turning to go,
a smile appears and my heart does grow.


  1. smiles...so much symbolism in fire and flame...you engender the intimacy well with the face you see....well penned gwen

  2. ah yes...you capture the magic well...the growing heart, getting warm...nice..

  3. An erotic and tender dance of love--beautifully done!

  4. Gwen,

    The word "mesmerized" came to my mind as I read your lines. And I felt warm and filled....very nice!

  5. Lovely capture of a magical moment.

  6. I like the face in the flames. Enchanting imagery!