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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brain Freeze

Deep thoughts running through my head.
Memories turn, feelings shift.
Brain burns with desire to be near you,
next to you, feeling your fire.
Warm and safe deep within your heart.
Never alone, but so far from home.
Miles between, oceans beneath,
longing to see what is underneath.
Your eyes burn in my memory,
warm heat rushes over me.
Twisting and turning, feelings fade,
holding, longing, for another day.

One day we'll meet, creating joy that lasts.
Thinking, remembering, the distant past.
Time robs our emotions, letting go,
like an empty glass, one for show.
Mind and heart together at last.
Forever you'll be, within my grasp.


  1. smiles...the longing in this is palpable...and what relief as well when that day finally comes that you can be together...i know all about the pain that comes from being apart...

  2. So have been there--well said.

  3. I love the intricate rhyme in this piece, it adds to the intimacy of longing in the speaker. Inspirational indeed.

  4. Palpable feel to this for me--Beautiful write!

  5. Oh I can feel that longing........love the hopeful final lines.

  6. Love's force overcomes so much of us, pulling us like gravity along the path of the beloved. You poem captures all the intensity and fire of that moment.

  7. Apart and Inconsolable, I've been feeling that the last few days and even more intensely with your wonderful write!

  8. So deep! Thanks for sharing it. Much love and appreciation. Love your photographs too! you´re such an artist!

  9. Loving from a distance is so difficult. Captured wonderfully

  10. Separation always hurts. Nice write.