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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Faded Bloom

Time fades our beautiful blooms.
A single blossom tossed aside,
holds the power to inspire, thoughts inside.
Love that remains at the end of the day,
pushes us forward, changing our way.
To bloom again, a love so great.
A love that never leaves,
never dies or fades away.


  1. love that remains at teh end of the day...nice...love is what brings forth that new life...and an eternal love is a beautiful thing...

  2. I agree with Brian, forever love is the goal all right. I like the insight that things we toss aside can be the very things that may have driven us onward.

  3. Such a love is the goal of all, too bad many never find it for many a reason.

  4. Lovely write Gwen--the love that remains at the endof the day is the only one worth having

  5. "Love that remains at the end of the day,
    pushes us forward, changing our way.
    To bloom again..."

    Love remains...to bloom again. Elegantly simple and profound. Lovely.

  6. Strange how something seemingly insignificant can revive a world of thought and memory within us, and yet they do. A friend visiting my apartment for the first time the other day said: 'You have surrounded yourself with memories.' I took this as a compliment. As an ex-pat I take particular delight in small things which evoke delightful memories. Beautifully captured!

  7. To picture love like a bloom that inspires is a wonderfully feeling. did you take this picture?

    1. Thank you. Yes, I did take the picture. :)

  8. I love how the bloom described herein never leaves, dies or fades away. This almost has a fabled quality to this. Well done.

  9. Awesome. Just moments ago I was staring at my dead African violet plant, and said aloud, "I killed her." I was thinking there was a story or poem in that moment, and by golly here it is. I'm just going to use your poem (not really) and add another line; "unless you murder it"

  10. This is beautiful Gwen,
    Would love for you to submit this for the Spring Anthology!