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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Delicate flowers grow,
weeds strew among the grass.
I want to pick just a few..
Looking deeply at each fine bloom,
perched upon slim stalks anew.
I see a twinkle, a light, bright as the sun.
It is you I see, little one.
Purple and white floods the eyes.
Petals selected and delicately pulled,
only the finest will do.
Into a tiny bouquet they twist,
with a poetic notion, I hand you this.
Out of love, out of respect.
I'm forever tangled within your tiny web.


  1. smiles...i love little wild flower boquets...esp when they are picked by kids...cause its def from the heart then...smiles.

  2. Wonderful share! Love the image and the words. A true pleasure!

  3. this is so very lovely gwen...used to pluck lots of wild flowers when i was a kid..think i should do again..much better than buying them...much more down to earth probably..and much more magical

  4. This is lovely...a touching, tender write :)

  5. Beautiful write, Gwen ~ brimming with loving connections.

  6. "Into a tiny bouquet they twist,
    with a poetic notion,"
    There is truth and beauty in tat vision and the verse.Well done.

  7. Such wonderful sentiments expressed here. Enjoy those precious moments.

  8. Gwen, you are making me smile this morning! Thanks for brightening my day with such a simple, beautiful bouquet! Lovely, lovely!

  9. Very precious, so gentle and tranquil. Children bring out the best of us, entangling us in lives that transcend so much, bringing us to a vital part of our selves. Your awareness of this as your child experiences the colors and flowers of Spring is wonderful.

  10. "I'm forever tangled within your tiny web." Perfect. :)

  11. super pic and good poem. thankyou!

  12. Oh I so loved sitting with the Daisies and flowers as i child - This took me back to that bliss - Thank you.