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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Drifting in,
drifting out.
Sparkling eyes,
Through thick and thin,
your forever in,
my heart tonight.
Lost by light,
colors of paradise.
Come on in,
wipe your feet again.
Remember this day,
your here to stay.


  1. smiles...makes me think a bit of the prodigals that come into our lives...and the importance of keeping those open doors...

  2. nice...when the wanderer is finally ready to stay...that's a good sign..smiles

  3. The image is enough to make me never want to leave, and the words strong enough to compel wanderer to plant roots. Love the theme, love the work!

  4. Great sentiment, great form and rhymes .... That moment when we know our soulmates, and that you will be together forever...

  5. Hi, Gwen! I think this is the first time I've left a comment, even though I visit Poetic Notions all the time. Love the sweetness of the piece, the open-hearted message. And I ALWAYS love your pix. :) xo ~ j

  6. Lovely, what a welcome! We could all use one like this periodically.

  7. How lovely...makes me want to come in and stay.

  8. Very inviting and toe tapping. http://looseeleafnotes.com

  9. a lot of details left for us to fill in...and thats a good thing. Nice work

  10. It's really nice. I think everyone has someone in mind, while reading this.

  11. Lovely and succinct. Nicely penned!

  12. Very concisely written words about a loving memory or the spirit of love that's entered your heart to stay.

  13. I feel as if you are speaking in the voice of the inn, as the haven for the weary traveller. If so, that is an excellent personification.

  14. I can so relate to this ..my son has been home for a week and leaves again in 2 days no matter where he travels this is still home ...for now!!! thank you for sharing x

  15. Wonderful! Full of love, the parent for the child. A love that says no matter where you nor how often you go, my door is always open to you and I will always have a bed and warm meal and bath ready for you. This is the second time I've said this today, but THIS IS WHAT A PARENT DOES! Our love is unconditional.
    This was sweet and made me wish that both my parents were here with me, but since they're not all I can do is to share with my son what they shared with me. A parent's love. Be blessed.