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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Petals of Passion

Petals of passion, whisper softly.
Fingertips tracing and wanting.
Reaching the heart, deeply prodding.
Memories of you reeling,
like a fish, I am caught.
Tangled in your net,
of sticky sweet thoughts.
I make not a sound,
flowers are found,
forever growing and pulling,
the threads of my heart.
Never to start,
love lies bleeding,
passion weeping.
Eyes turn to face you,
whispers are telling, 
heart is swelling,
forever yours,
drowning in petals of passion.


  1. oo la la...i love the soft aromatic petals...and being caught in sweet sticky thoughts does not sound like a bad place to be...smiles...perfect for may day...

  2. hmmm..nice...not bad at all to drown in some flower petals with the loved one close...

  3. very nice Gwen, all as softly stated as the petals.

  4. "...forever growing and pulling,
    the threads of my heart."

    Just lovely!

  5. I love it!...vulnerable in love and passion!

  6. Wonderfully sensual poem!

  7. Quite lovely ...

  8. A wonderful love song..well written, very musical.