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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dark Night

Darkness around
clouds can be found,
high overhead
twisted, not dead.
Curtains drawn,
hold back the light.
Thunder bolts heard,
rise my fright.
Chair next to lamp
book and tea cup adorn.
Another night alone,
another spring storm.
A knock at my door,
while I sit for a rest,
rise to look,
door creaking open.
Looking to the left, then the right,
no one adorns my steps tonight.
Closing the door, closing it tight,

sounds echo deep.
I curl back into my chair,
open the book,
swig from my cup.
Another knock graces me,
it rather disturbs me.
Rising again, I open the door quick.
No one there once again.
Shaking my head in disgust,
closing the door, I notice it there.
A tiny package lay by my feet.
Bending to touch it,
I grasp it tight.
Through the door I go,
close it up right.
Back in the chair,
thunder claps outside.
I take a swig of tea,
finger tracing brown wrapping.

What could it be?

I give it a gentle shake,
something rattles inside.
I tug at the wrapping,
that has it disguised.
Once it's open, I see a tiny bell,
no bigger than my finger.

What shall it tell?

I swing it to the left then the right,
to my delight, the thunder stops outside,
is gone, out of sight.
Back in the box you do adorn.
Rain gone, I don't need it anymore.
I sit with my tea and open that book.
I relax now, tomorrow, I will have another look.
Swinging your bell, hearing its song.
I'll never be alone,
dark nights are gone.


  1. smiles....a night alone in the storm can def raise the awareness of all the little sounds...i am glad you got the bell to chase away the shadows though...truly a gift...smiles...

  2. Creepy eerie tone, yet there is light to be found in the ring of the bells...still gave me the chills though...even more now as I hear them ring! ;) Awesome weave, Poet! See you soon :)

  3. this is lovely... we could all use one of those bells at certain moments in life...

  4. Gwen! What's happened! Gone all dark on us! I LOVE it! This had all the best qualities of tense, eerie poetry- this was like an E.A.P trip....had me hooked from start to finish- looking to the left, looking to the right, no be adorns my steps tonight- aces

  5. Lovely write---Less eerie for me than magical--Nice!

  6. Makes me want to get a tiny bell. :-)

  7. Nice dark start and then the mysterious gift that makes everything ok. I need one of those bells.

  8. Angels getting wings up in here! Loved it, terrific.

  9. I agree with poemsofhateandhope - strong echoes of Poe in this one. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you, Gwen.