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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Steel Spiral

Looking deeply, I begin.
Twisted steel spiral, holds me in.
Metal shredding,
memories past,
forever lost within its grasp.
Circle surrounding my inner need.
To capture, hold you,
sew up every seam.
Looking deeply,
twisted steel spiral,
metal holds, like iron hands, just for a while.
Shackling imagination, no running wild.
No freedom in this metal land,
hold my hand, no denial.
Tucked deeply in, confined,
by your metal heart valve,
I am entwined.
Let me in,
Let me come inside.
Forever lost,
are you and I.


  1. Very good. Loved 'shackling imagination ...'

  2. Some significant words here Gwen- and deeply felt- the metal signifying a wall (a defence maybe)- keeping emotions at bay- when all you want to do is to be let in. Familiar with this- just remember - metal melts! Just keep on working at heating it up! Great poem- and nice to see that emotional side of your work

  3. the metal hand or spiral is def two sided...it brings comfort in holding us, but also can constrain..nice emotion in this as well...

  4. shackling imagination, no freedom in the metal land, makes me think of the soviet union and their rush to build factories to to build arms in the cold war...

    radiation rampage

    verification makes it really hard to comment. you'd get more comments if you turned it off. i had to do this several times to get it to work.

    1. Thank you, have done this. Hope it helps!

  5. I like feelings and flow in this one.

  6. Super linkage of environment to life & it's struggles~ photo is excellent ~ especially that it showed two openings~

  7. I think the metaphor of steel and the entwining within its hold is very strong and unique. Your passionate embrace within its twistings comes across clearly and brilliantly.

  8. "like iron hands..." there is security in such a grip, but also a caged-ness, yes. nice language in this, the way the metal weaves throughout...

  9. Strongly agree with Chaz. The gathering is one thing, the holding is always the hard part.

    Love this:
    "Circle surrounding my inner need.
    To capture, hold you,
    sew up every seam. "

  10. I enjoyed the strength of your words and voice. Some parts of this reminded of an engine lathe turning a piece of steel. Also a jail, with no freedom in this metal land. Maybe somebody jailed and feels like a piece of steel being formed into somebody elses image. Anyway, very strong image and enjoyable write.