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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tiny Wings

Freedom brings,
your very wings.
You flap and flutter,
you flutter, far from me.
You grant me a wish,
one I do explore.
To drift back,
right back to your door.
I can not stay,
I need to go.
Turning to leave,
you flutter,
flutter, so far from me.
You will return.
Wings together,
fly with me.
Stay a moment,
or forever.


  1. forever sounds fun...i love butterflies...so happy and free, little sky dancers often bring me smiles...

  2. So nice Gwen- but saddened me a bit...it was like longing for a loved one to come back...butteflies for me always seem to remind me of dead relatives- they always seem to visit when they are on my mind. Great repetition in your verse- brings it right back into focus on the emotion. lovely poem

  3. Gwen...I love seeing your voice and your confidence come to life! Yes, there is a touch of sadness, of longing, but the beauty and depth of the piece is to be celebrated. Loved it, and thought the finish...perfection!

  4. This is lovely...and also sad.."you flutter so far from me" ...beautiful work :)

  5. Love the butterfly image. They symbolize creativity to me, beuatiful elusive words that I wish would come fluttering close whenever I called them.

  6. This feels like such a refreshing piece to me--just lovely!

  7. Great photo of the Question Mark butterfly. I especially like the last lines: Stay a moment, or forever. Lovely how this poem can be both taken at face value, about butterflies, and seen at a deeper level, about human relationships. Great write.

  8. Good job, enjoyed your words

  9. Really nice. I love watching butterflies and this piece really does a nice job of capturing the essence of one while also offering the reader a moment to reflect upon the metaphor in play. Great job Gwen Thanks

  10. I love the delicate feel of this!

  11. From the Plum Tree Group. I am at http://steepedinbooks.blogspot.com
    I didn't see a Self as Child post so I'm leaving this link here.

    I'm enjoying your poetry.

  12. This is beautiful. How have I never read your poetry before?