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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In My Web

Threads sewn,
stitch by stitch,
spun to draw you in.
Delicate web woven tight,
your legs sure to stick within.
Where I am and where I have been,
what life will bring me,
I wonder again.
Dew drops stick and glisten,
I feel them as I listen.
Like tiny heartbeats,
they draw you near, bringing fear.
I wait a day, maybe more,
until you scamper across the threads,
to my webbed door.
I take you in, but not for love,
you feed me, fill me, complete me.
Senses tell me this life is repetitive,
wondering what happens next,
I crawl back and wait again.


  1. eeekkk....smiles...sounds rather sinister you know...not for love but feeding...beware the balck widows...smiles...shivers....

  2. oh heck...better not come too close to that web...there are people like this out there...tightly penned gwen

  3. Thanks Brian..some of us are sinister and nice... ;) Thanks too Claudia..always appreciate the comments!

  4. "I wait a day, maybe more/ until you scamper across the threads" - what an image you create - love the ending line too .. excellent! Pam

  5. I crawl back and wait again.- some great lines here Gwen...this for me was a total metaphor...life is web...you can get stuck, eaten if your not careful...but if you're strong enough...you can break free...great stuff gwen

  6. I am pretty sure I dated her... good stuff Gwen

  7. Really great write--I am with Stu--the web is a great metaphor--crawl back and wait again--

  8. Love the character you drew here, so distinctly might I add, but despite the actions, there's real stuff inside, I like that part the most. Great lines and imagery and a very nice internal rhyme going on at points. Excellent read. Thanks

  9. A pleasure to read. I agree with Fred, the character portrayed in the form of a spider is very clear, focused on catching its prey, and with singular ruthless taking which is its nature and it is unapologetic for. The end hints that the spider doubts itself, or perhaps it's just getting bored, maybe it would change but it's back to where it is to do it all over again.

    I really enjoyed this poem. Thanks for sharing.

  10. i like point of view poems. you really got into the spider's head

    spaceship tanka

  11. Sticky legs repeating their path - very interesting p.o.v., well done, k.

  12. I've never liked spiders, but this one is a little deeper than that. Love the extended metaphor and the hidden rhyming.

  13. Enjoyed reading this. Have often wondered what it is about spiders that inspire fear and give us the "creeps?!!" I'm okay with them as long as I'm looking from afar! Inspired to share a photo & piece written about pretty (and rather large) spider discovered on my deck a couple of years ago. Thought you might enjoy! http://insideoutpoetry.blogspot.com/2011/04/argiope.html
    Well done and wonderful capture, Gwen!

  14. Nice one Gwen, I like the repeating of sounds in line with the repetition theme. Well done.