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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Candle flickers on windowsill.
Rain beats down, tiny drops of dew.

Clouds passing by,
white sheets hung out to dry.

Silence here, stays the night.

Book in hand, a glass of wine, 
teacakes on china, I dine.

Lamp burning brightly, 
darkness washes over me, 
sipping slowly.

Time alone, night passes quickly. 
Memories grow, burning forever in my mind.

Settling in, head dipping down, 
forgiving what can never be, without forgetting.

Mind races with these feelings,  
a shared love, between you and I.

Happiness moves past, 
book and wine, I am fine.

This light, has become my shrine, 
moving forward, one step at a time. 


  1. forgiving what can never be, without forgetting.

    best way to do it...and one step at a time sounds like just the right pace as well...smiles...books are a place i retreat to as well...

  2. nice...love me those silent moments, candle light, rain outside..warm blanket and a cup of tea, good book...breathing...beautiful atmospheric..

  3. I see a peaceful scene here. Meditative. All life is lived one night at a time. Nice to spend time with a book and wine.

  4. Beautifully illustrated--and yes, meditative--

  5. Aww...awesome Gwen. Is this the first I read of yours? I know you do photography. Well I thought this just right on. I joined you when I read it, this can be said for many! A beautiful melancholic verse...I believe pain is lessened this way in a remembrance joined by the present time of being okay. Gardenlile.com

  6. beautiful....just beautiful...the way you captured what you were feeling....

  7. Hi Gwen..... I really enjoyed your very lyrical poem... What I found here was a dear moment of calm and serenity while reading this.... Poetry should be about feeling, the reader's feelings.... You did a good job here. I think we probably have similar writing tastes, clasiscal some say. Yours is very refined.... It's really refreshing to find a slice of easy time, a cool, calm feeling.....

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind words and comments. I am happy that you enjoyed this poem. I am grateful knowing it helps or touches others, as my writing often does to me. Being a poet is like laying your life on a table and hoping people take what they want gently..

  9. Blessed solitude...it teaches, it comforts...in slow, undiluted sips.

  10. I can feel the melancholy here and "moving forward, one step at a time." ...is great ending to your piece.