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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Through my lens, I see. 
Rocks, trees and pretty things. 

Giving new meaning as the flash goes off. 
Tender moments leading,
right down to the tiniest rock. 

Hopes and dreams fill the view finder,  
my mind reels as I look wider. 

Upon this glass that extends my eye,  
I see one, catch one, a moment in time. 

Hot in my hand your weight feels good. 

Open my heart,  I hear your song, 
whispering pixels, shutter opening long. 

I've captured something, 
seeing life differently behind this lens. 

My lips part with the suspense. 
Fingers placed gently around your curves. 

I hold you, you tether me, feeling every nerve. 

Reaching the button that makes it all happen. 
Pressing tenderly, to let you open. 

My eyes you've become, helping me to see. 
A world I'd miss, without thee.

Memories made and held so tight. 
Right in my heart, I'll find you tonight. 

Smile appears upon appreciative lips. 
Happiness mounting with each new click. 


  1. smiles...nice to be able to see the things you cant see....def can be about a camera, but i think people play that role for us as well...and i felt that in your words too...

  2. I would guess that all photographers feel the same you do, experiencing the framing of creation in their apparatus.

  3. Enjoyed this very much. I feel the same way when I look through the lens of my camera. I focus on things I may not have paid a lot of attention to otherwise. Your poem expresses this concept SO well.

  4. I love seeing the world through a different set of eyes every once in awhile. Thank you for this.