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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

Hot days, cool nights.
Gentle breeze, stirs delight.

Rabbits hopping to and fro, 
their warm burros, safe to go. 

Cool air passes through the window. 

Flowers losing their tender petals, 
as sun wains, shorter days to follow.

Longing to stop it, 
making way for new beginnings.

Pushing on, seasons winning. 

Still the beach I yet to walk, 
feel it's warmth, soon to be lost. 

Days of summer quickly fade.
Not ready for it to be over, it just came! 

Make a pledge, to enjoy the days. 
No one knows how many remain.   


  1. oh yes...i'm not ready for summer to be over neither... enjoying the warm days and nights when you can sit outside and listen to the cricket's songs... sigh.. true that we should enjoy every single minute that remains...

  2. i did not see the beach this year either...pout....smiles...it has been beastly hot...kinda glad for the cool mornings of late...fall will be here soon...my fav time of year...

  3. Not ready for summer to go yet, either...but I love Sept/October.


  4. I love summer and we need to enjoy it all...no one knows how many remain...true.

  5. Ah--and today is my last day of summer before teaching starts up again--not ready for it to pass yet

  6. Gwen ~ loved your photo! Yes that summer's warmth on bare feet walking the sand along an ocean shore! A perfect summer is always accomplished by a visit to the ocean. Wishing to extend my vacation ~ thanks

  7. Summer never really began here; we've had a few really warm and sunny days but it's been mostly rain, dull skies and - lately - thunderstorms. Thanks for sharing; send some of that summer my way!

  8. Summer seems to draw to a close faster each year... there's still so much to do. I love your poem!

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments much appreciated!

  10. we always seem to rush through the season we are in; complain about the heat in summer, the cold in winter..always ready for the next instead of enjoying the one we are in...

  11. Hold summer tight so it's heat lasts

  12. Nice thoughts for the season, with a wistful touch to them. We are heading into spring down here in the south, and it's not a moment too soon!