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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Purple Passion

Wide eyes see, love is blind.

Words unspoken, tender upon lips,
shining like a golden token.

Heart is tight, fluttering in my chest.
Emotions running free,
like a happy child inside of me.

I dance through the garden,
drenched by its beauty.
Ears and eyes fill with sounds all around me.

Not letting memories fade, spinning in my mind,
a dance of water on a distant shore over time.

Tender and true,
are these feelings for you.

Forever you'll be, my passion,
my dream come true.


  1. Oh...very nice Gwen! Adore the lyrical quality coupled with very pleasing imagery. I'd love to dance in that garden :)

  2. awww..this is lovely and i hope it gave them the smile it gave me...dancing and carefree....love can do just that...smiles.

  3. This is so very sweet and wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. smiles...dance on... there's so much tender beauty in your lines..

  5. what a beautiful dance expressed in poetic lines..so tenderly and delicately this flows. like Claudia said, dance on!~~

  6. This reminds me of newfound love... beautiful!

  7. Lovely music here. k.

  8. I like the imagery of a garden of memories. Nice photos here too :)

  9. Thanks everyone, so glad you enjoyed this poem..I enjoyed writing it very much. I appreciate your thoughts!

  10. wonderfully written piece of love here Bravo

  11. The poem does sing...catches that first wave - when one's feet don't touch the ground, and the world looks as though it's been enhanced by fairy dust!

  12. Lovely, lovely... not only does it sing, but it dances too. Well done.