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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guns and Innocense

Gunfire in safe places.
People scream, horror on their faces.

What has become of this land, we call home.
No one is safe to be alone.

Guns are easier to get than a drivers license,
what is wrong with this picture?

A land I love, falls to the pavement,
people crying for those taken.

For the good of all...
Put away your bombs and explosives.

A glimmer of hope is all I ask.
No hate, no crime, no blood on our plates.

I am no saint, making mistakes.

Put away your guns and end this harsh debate.


  1. the land falling to the pavement hit me most here... so sad when things like that in aurora happen and i wish we could find a way to stop this

  2. i have much of the same hopes...i dont know how we turn back from what we have become...it saddens me...def the falling to the pavement is a great line...but i def feel the emotion and lament in this...

  3. Scary, but reality, great Gwen =)

  4. Breaks my heart that even a movie isn't safe

  5. A powerful and timely write - Claudia good work!
    We so need our poets to give voice to this critical issue-- if not now, when?
    My heart and my mind challenges WHY we can't do more--

    1. Thank you all..this is something meaningful for me to write about and glad you appreciated it!

  6. yes, it is time, time to fix what we have broken, time to do better than we are doing now.
    i want to believe it can be done.

  7. amazing how this touched so many people

    i called our local movie theater to ask about the Dark Knight schedule and asked if it was safe, and he said they were told not to discuss it.

    four child with book senryu

  8. yes watching from other places it seems the gun is a defining element of usa life. i share your hope.

  9. The land I love fallling to the pavement...powerful stanza. You are not alone in your prayers. I often wonder why these things happen; I know there is a way we could better prevent them...