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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blueberry Bliss

My heart's aglow,
with visions of you.
Moving from green to blue.

From dusk until dawn, 
memories gone,  
you ripen more each day.

With careful care,
your sweetness grows.
I am so fond of  blue.

Fruits of my labor,
what will become of you?

I dream of  beautiful pies, sweetest wine,
scrumptious jams, in muffins just fine.

Bees buzz, birds aflutter,
all because of you.

My pretty berries, ripening with love. 
I can hardly wait to taste you.


  1. mmm...my grape arbor, the same...they are still a bit tart but it will be soon...and i def cant wait to pick buckets and buckets just to sit and eat....pies....yum...berries are my sweets for sure...

  2. Oh I love blueberries as well...planning to pick some this weekend.

  3. beautifully fresh and delicious write Gwen - my mouth is watering as my eyes and heart have feasted on your lovely words - hugs Lib

  4. A delicious poem with built-in suspense and anticipation of all that juicy goodness. Wonderful!

  5. I loved your blissful poem, especially the last two lines.
    My pretty berries, ripening with love.
    I can hardly wait to taste you.

    Sensuous blueberries yum!

  6. i love blueberries. my favorite blueberry memory, being a counselor for 6 year old boys in summer camp, getting buckets (big commercial butter or cottage cheese buckets) from the kitchen and picking blueberries with the 6 yo boys

    we breath we fly...we become and we are

    Lillian Gish