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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paris Charm

There comes a time to live your dreams.
Take chances, heart open, embracing new lives.

Surround yourself with light and love.
Unknowing where you are,
what you'll see or become.

Warm embrace of  friendship,
growing stronger with each day passing.

Standing before beauty, one I thought I'd never see or touch.

Mind feeling heavy, words unspoken upon my lips.
Heart growing fonder, passing, like a gentle kiss.

Embark on this journey, never letting it fade.
Lasting and loving memories will always remain.

I stand before you, light filling my eyes,
allowing tender thoughts to whisk me back in time.


  1. that is awesome...you really need to read ayala's post...hers is on friendship and paris too...too funny i read you one after the other...it is a beautiful thing surely...smiles...especially when that journey sustains...

  2. This is beautiful...& such wise words...there does come a time to live your dreams. Lovely poem :)

  3. this is surely a journey to embark.. much tenderness in your verse gwen

  4. to set ou on the dream...a trip we should all take.

  5. Gwen, this is lovely ... I spend a good deal of time thinking of Paris. I was there ... once, if you count a 45 minute layover in Charles deGaulle as actually being in Paris, hehe. I hope to go back one day.

  6. so very lovely Gwen - visited Paris a couple of times and it was all I thought it would be and more- lib

  7. This is sweet and tender verse. Makes me wish I was in Paris.

  8. I want to see Paris, too! Your reflections on the town and friendship make me swoon for them. Very tenderly drawn and written.

  9. Your opening line got me...
    There comes a time to live your dreams.
    love that :)

  10. "There comes a time to live your dreams.
    Take chances, heart open, embracing new lives."

    It's a wonderful thing when places and things you've only dreamed of are finally realized. I think it all comes back to the first two lines. Trust your heart, embrace life!

  11. I love Paris! Lovely poem..I smiled reading Brian's comment..I wrote about Paris too. :)

  12. I loved this gentle voice...