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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Abandoned But Not Forgotten

My little egg,
so much pride.
I wanted and longed
for you over time.

Whispering "sweet dreams"
to the shell below.
One day a crack,
will bring life and hope.

Til that day,
I fly for food.
Keeping strong,
waiting for you.

A day of  fate,
I shall not return.
My egg  full of hope,
where have I gone.

A mystery of days past,
you wait unknowing,
how long  it will last.

Nature is unspoken and selective.
I am gone and you remain, alone.

In my heart, forever wrapped,
by your shell of  hope.
I couldn't come back.


  1. heavy...makes an interesting metaphor for kids left as well...those given up to adoption...it has a rather sad undertone for me...

  2. oh heck..this is sad...don't know what to say...i agree with bri...a great metaphor and it can stand for so many things

  3. the imagery and words work on many levels...this will stick in my head...thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh dear! But maybe the egg will still make it! A very interesting metaphor and great pic. k.

  5. I love the fragility you have so softly and sadly framed in this piece.

  6. so tender...the beautiful fragility of life.

  7. that last stanza.... so poignant, heartbreaking.

  8. all eggs are mysteries, we are waiting to see what kind of life will emerge form the mixture of DNA

    done for

  9. "Nature is unspoken and selective" such true words. This is a powerful yet touching poem.