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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Damaged Beauty

Yellow bliss,
flutter my way.
Chasing long,
before this day.

Unlock my heart, 
with damage endured,
never dulling your spirit,
lesson learned.

You let me near,
I take a look.
Tender butterfly, I am touched.

Determination to carry on,
troubles replaced,
flutters the day long.

Beauty visits and disappears,
wounded, but not impaired.

Teaching much, my winged friend.
Bringing light and hope,
lessening human care to perfect.

Tender heart, smiles appear.

Understanding your twisted tale,
seeing the fight of survival's race.

Moving on, head held high
Fearless like a butterfly with a tear.


  1. i love butterflies...little sky dancers...i think they carry a bit of magic in their beauty...so it is right taht it lifts your spirit and gives you hope...a butterfly with a tear, a tender image...

  2. beautiful imagery dancing and fluttering throughout this enchanting write full of 'light and hope' - Lib

  3. There's something about a butterfly that calls to the human soul, that invests hope and appropriates change. Beautifully written about here.

  4. That last stanza is specially strong ~ I like the way you use the damaged butterfly as a springboard for hope and light ~

  5. A survivor's tale, told with tenderness and understanding. I think your words really ring true and optimistically for those who might seek courage in challenging times.

  6. 'wounded but not impaired' how many of us qualify...?

    1. Life can be rough, hopefully more than not.. Thank you everyone!

    2. Such a beautiful rendition of hope, Gwen. This is what a butterfly is to me. Unlikely candidate for any form of recognition as he crawls the ground in his humble beginnings

      Until the pupa mutates into a light and colorful specimen the world has come to love and appreciate.

    3. beautiful gwen...sometimes in life we have to learn to 'wing it'...for this, the delicate butterfly is such a wonderful teacher. beautifully done!