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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


In a dark room,
where webs form in corners.

Smoke billows from the chimney,
blowing dark haze into my soul.
Knowing for so long, what is here, now.
I care not to move past, to its means,

With darkness, shadows twinkle,
mixing with light, to delight my spirit.
Beckoning, calling me..

Churning wonder, mixed with fear,
where do we go from here?

Darkness shrouds,
parts of  life not found,
buried deep, underground.
Blackened wood smolders,
where you and I once stood.

What some view as old, even dead,
lives on longer than we can comprehend.
This is what we have become,
hardly understood, questions abound.

Hurt lingers on,
whispering in your ear,
what can be saved, rekindled and burned again.
Not killed off, set aside or tossed away,
because in these shadows,
tender love still remains.


  1. nice...there is a strong emotional current under this..made me think of a house fire a bit and what is left and not wanting to give it up because what it still holds...

  2. Very deep, Gwen, emotional chunks of debris cluttering our lives, it can used and rekindled, or it can be tripped over and cause more grief. I liked it.

  3. Your confidence in your words evolving is so evident in your pieces...but none that I've read so far compares to this Gwen...absolutely love the dark language, held in check with a wonderful poetic "flow"...not too much, not too little...and your finish simply lights up the whole piece and sends those shadows running!

  4. enjoyed this a lot Gwen. that last stanza lingers on in the thoughts...

  5. Loved the image of shadows "twinkling." I felt as if I was in this house with you, Gwen.

  6. This has a wonderful sense of loss and longing... intermingled with the tenderness of love. Very poignant.

  7. '..What some view as old, even dead,
    lives on longer than we can comprehend...' True words.

  8. so well crafted - such imagery...

  9. Gwen- you get darker with every poem! I'm loving it! This spoke to me about those times when we try to push away those things that we know are bad for us- yet somewhere, deep down, we still hold a torch....powerful and deep...nice one Gwen

  10. Heavy stuff in this one, Gwen. Goes deep! Nicely done!

  11. Thanks everyone, I think dark and deep can bring real beauty. Appreciate the comments very much!