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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Through Young Eyes

Fearless spirit, 
carries me.

Away from bills, 
memos and news sorrows. 

Life is new, 
full of mystery.

Happiness follows, 
every turn of the key. 

Fearless spirit, 
teaches me.

Life is short, 
forget tomorrow.

Live a full life, 
with whole heart bared.

Young eyes, teach me.
How to care without fear. 


  1. smiles...much we can learn in a return to a much more innocent time....when the peaks and valleys dont seem to be so high or low...smiles.....and they do def approach life with a lot less fear...

  2. Love the use of couplets. We are able to journey with you in your enlightened expressions of hope. I agree with Brian--smiles...

  3. the fearless spirit and not thinking too much about tomorrow...yeah...we can learn a lot if we try to see life through those young eyes..

  4. The endless days of youth and summer...at least they seemed that way in retrospect...and now we steal only moments...but they are there at least to steal and remember. Nice work!

  5. Between you and me...I would love for someone to bust out an old acoustic and jam to these words. The couplets are wonderful...imagine some string plucking between them! Are you feeling it....cause I am! Awesome work, Gwen!

  6. "How to care without fear....."

    There is no way. Give your heart completely, and it can be destroyed completely. Always retain a piece of it for yourself......

  7. With a pocketful of worms ~ ace!

  8. Love the many challenges of these lines Gwen. Now, if only I could live up to some of them ....

  9. I'm not sure I'm fearless enough for the worm, but you've definitely captured something here. The world as seen through a child can help provide us non-children with perspective.

    Nicely written!