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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Oceans splash,
in the wicked sun.

I move in directions,
never feeling as one.

I drink to be happy,
you quench my thirst.

I dance in glory,
of this painted story.

You ask me to love you,
through thick and thin.

I run through the mud,
does it sink in?

Your arms surround me,
hearts fuse into one.

Sentiment tangles,
my mind goes numb.

Emotions press deeper,
love churning like butter.

Never knowing how I feel,
having desire to run, to discover.

Your rope brings me back again, 
I let your lips enchant me.

"Please tread lightly" I whisper,
on my need to be your lover. 


  1. sounds a bit like not sure which direction to take..the desire on one side to discover, then wanting to run...take your time i'd say if i were him...smiles

  2. Its that moment when you want to let the guard down and you turn to trust. Beautiful

  3. Clever how the second line of each couplet contradicts and so builds up the story

  4. smiles...nice....its a tentative thing...not wanting to be hurt...hoping they tread soft but the desire so strong...nice capture gwen

  5. "Please tread lightly" I whisper,
    on my need to be your lover' - hope and promise - just taking that first step - xx Lib

  6. Wanting the love and desire but afraid of the pain...nice write.