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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dark Eyes

Dark wings envelop me, 
force me high into the sky I see. 

Soar above trees, 
twisted and dark.

Eyes like an orbit,
stare back, plain and stark.

Over mountains and clouds, 
I spread my wings.

Discovering places, 
I thought I'd never see. 

Fleeting moments pass,
my eyes still unclear.

A clouded sense of reality,
raining down on me. 

Taunting and stabbing, 
I push to break free.

Free from the dark eyes, 
staring back at me. 

My bones go brittle and shatter,
longing for the days when nothing mattered.

I could crumble under such pressure,
clearing my mind of junk and debris.

I can love no longer,
under such scrutiny.

I force open my dark eyes,
to a world as it is. 

My heart unlocks,
with the turn of a golden key.

I see the world for what it is, 
no longer, for what I wish it would be.

I embrace myself, washing away pain.

I am free, for what I want,
for whom I shall be. 


  1. the world as it is and not as i think it should be...sounds like the birth of perception/perspective to me....smiles...which is a good thing to get at times...

  2. Self discovery....an on going event...nicely put!

  3. This speaks to me. I love the heart of seeing the world as it is and being free in that unblinded vision.

  4. "Eyes like an orbit" - great line.