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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Political Hold

Have bitten my tongue so long it is true.

I value my country, but politics, not you. 

Told all the time, how to live, 
what to eat and how to raise our kids.

I am tired of mistakes and paying the price.
Animals don't fight for rights, should we?

Whether it's money, pride or pain you shed, 
fear is there and tears are near. 

I love this land I call home,
but the fighting just has to go.

No longer free, I sink to my knees, 
Is this really how it needs to be? 

I want to run, I want to break free.
I can eat no more lies or your polluted meat. 

All of it means nothing to me, when told like soldiers, 
to work, pay your taxes and ask no questions.

People turn to each other but do they really care?
I fear the answer is no, "it's not me" filling the air. 

I wish life was simple, I would be happy to smile. 
I want to feel safe, to relax, for just a little while. 


  1. i think our country is more divided now than in recent history and i fear its only going to get worse...a simple life would def be better....feeling safe, is huge....

  2. I agree with this sentiment - liked your poem very much.

  3. Apropos for this time, this age. Many of us struggle with frustration on the path toward hope.

  4. Well, I understand your frustration! But to some degree it's the bigness all around - not just government but media - I'm not really sure government is telling what to eat and how to raise our kids - though some might like to! But certainly there are a lot of mistake. k.

  5. "I am tired of mistakes and paying the price.
    Animals don't fight for rights, should we?"

    I personally have been "paying the price" for 3-1/2 years. Work for a company for 18 years and economy goes south, and company I was so dedicated to didn't show me the same respect. Now working part-time jobs trying to get by. And still wonder how this could happen, why we never saw this coming. Yeah, I hear you! Excellent write, excellent statement of fact!!!